Supporting the User Uptake strategy to maximise the adoption of Copernicus data and information in Europe

EO-UPTAKE is a two-year project, started on November 2019.

The main project outcome is the tdentification of a set of procedures and guidelines for access, use, and integration of Copernicus resources regardless of domain.

The project will also provide processing workflows for the realization of concrete examples of applications in different application sectors.

In particular, it focuses on four sectors and specific scenarios:

  • Agriculture (e.g. precision farming applications),
  • Forestry (e.g. forest monitoring),
  • Urban Monitoring (i.e. identification of illegal landfill) and
  • Management of Natural Disasters ( emergencies).
  • Project URL: View project website
  • Funding: European Social Fund, Liguria Region 
  • Start-End year: 2019-2021