GISIG is an open Association; any organisation wishing to share the GISIG challenges and to contribute to or promote new projects and initiatives is very welcome


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The Association has cultural, scientific aims and does not pursue purpose of gain, with the intention to comply with the characteristics of similar initiatives foreseen by the Community laws.

The main object is the promotion and the realization of activities in the field of education and training, technology transfer, research and applications in all fields related to Geographical Information Systems (GIS), also through initiatives of cooperation among universities, companies and other bodies.
In the object are included the purposes defined by the European Union objectives with reference to action scheme for Education and Training, Research and Technology Development, Regional Development and International Co-operation.

The Association applies itself in particular to:

  • the promotion of co-operation and innovation in the field of training and development, and transfer of investigation results;
  • the promotion and realization of exchanges of students, young graduates and experts;
  • the development and diffusion of teaching and training material;
  • the promotion and the organization of activities oriented to continuing and multimedia distance training;
  • the promotion of the participation of its members in GIS related European and international programmes;
  • the development of activities aimed at technology transfer and the use of “GIS” in different applications;
  • the diffusion of information on the activities of the Association and of its members at a national and international level and the support to similar and/or complementary activities organised by third party.

The Association has established connections with similar structures in other foreign Countries, to create a network in order to achieve its purposes, also towards mutual partnership, and it carries out any other initiative directly or indirectly considered necessary or useful to this aim, such as the participation in other Associations, organisations, consortia-companies or other companies having similar objectives or in any case consistent with the Association objectives.