Within the ARInfuse project GISIG, in collaboration with AM/FM GIS Italia, organizes a workshop on Augmented Reality (AR) in the management of the utility underground infrastructures.

The workshop, which will be held in Italian, will take place at the ASITA Conference 2019 on November 13 in Trieste (Italy).

The aim of the workshop is to present to the geoinformation community the preliminary results of ARInfuse, showing how AR can improve the performance in the utility network management.

Download the programme of the workshop (in Italian) here.

The ASITA Conference is a major GIS expo organized by the Italian Association of Science on Geographic and Environmental Information Systems, with an audience of more than 1000 attendees from across Italy. Some of the topics on which the conference focused this year include, among others, Smart Cities, INSPIRE, heritage, risk management, BIM, sensors and also the use of GNSS systems and GIS software together with innovative technologies such as Augmented / Virtual Reality.

More info about the 2019 Conference in the ASITA website.