An abstract by our researcher Martino Terrone has been selected for the EGU General Assembly 2020, one of the most important events in the field of geosciences.

His research, discussed in the session “Hydrological and geomorphological processes in natural and human-modified slopes and landslides”, presents a preliminary study of the geomorphology of the Genoa metropolitan area, known internationally for rainfall ground effects. This work is the first step of the Monitor Project, a research grant funded by Regione Liguria  (ESF – European Social Fund) with Unige as scientific responsible and GISIG, Iren, Planetek as partners.

Rainfall induced-landslides and man-made landforms mapping for underground utility networks management in a Mediterranean Metropolitan Area (Genoa, Northwest Italy), Terrone M., Faccini F., Marchese A., Bazzurro N. The abstract: