The project, co-funded by the EU under the Horizon Europe Programme, kicked off with an on-line meeting held on 19th December

The European Project 100KTREES officially started on the 1st December. The ambition of 100KTREES is to make cities a better and healthier place to live by encouraging municipalities to plant more trees and to optimize the impact of tree planting.

100KTREEs will develop mapping and modelling tools to optimize the planting of trees and to monitor their health, based on satellite data from Copernicus EU space programme and in-situ data. Sofia (Bulgaria) and Copenhagen (Denmark) are the two metropolitan use cases where technical and socio-economic approach of 100KTREES will be tested and demonstrated.

The project, kicked off with an on-line meeting held on 19th December participated by all project partners and by a representative of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA).

Ten are the organizations involved in the project, from 7 different EU countries: Danish Hydraulic Institute (DK, project coordinator), the Sofia Development Association (BG), Eurosense (BE), EcoTree (FR), GISIG (IT), Free University of Brussels (BE), One Tree Foundation (BG), CWARE APS (DK, Project Manager), Urban Digital APS (DK), ND Consult LTD (UK).