Towards the Harmonisation of Spatial Information in Europe

The main goal of Humboldt is to enable organizations to document, publish and harmonize their geospatial data. The software tools and processes created will demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe as planned by the INSPIRE initiative, meeting the goals of Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES).

Humboldt plans to develop, validate and provide a set of software frameworks. Based on the results of the community process, the state of the art and on feedback from the project environment, it will develop and use new software engineering methods to be open and flexible, yet manageable in complexity.

In HUMBOLDT project, GISIG coordinates the training activities under WP12 “Training” as well as the application scenario “HS-Protected Areas”. Moreover, the Association is involved in WP3 “State of the Art” and in WP11 “Dissemination”, where linkages with thematic networks and initiatives promoted by GISIG will be established.

  • Funding: Sixth Framework Programme Priority 1.4 Aeronautics and Space
  • Start-End year: 2006-2011