Symposium and Exhibit, Salzburg, July 3 – 6, 2018.

The GI_Forum 2018 is running in Salzburg, organized by the University of Salzburg, under the coordination of the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS and in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and runs concurrently with the highly regarded German language conference on Applied Geoinformatics – AGIT.

GI_Forum provides a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds, creating an informed GeoInformation Society, hoping to contribute to a more just, ethical and sustainable society. Prominent keynote speakers will highlight new developments, offer visionary insights into trends and developments, and at the same time be individually accessible for our Young Researchers.

GISIG’s main projects giCASES and EO4GEO are represented there by our members from Salzburg, with presentations and a booth. Stay tuned for the results!

More info at GI_Forum 2018