eEnvironmental services for advanced applications within INSPIRE

eENVplus is a Pilot Type A project, funded by European Union under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme – Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (CIP-ICT-PSP) grant No. 325232.

The eENVplus project, starting from the results of previous European experiences, integrates existing infrastructures into an operational framework able to overcome cross-border and language barriers.

eENVplus provides not only the ICT infrastructure but also the description and the support to make this infrastructure operational and profitable through the provision of an organisational model and a tutored training framework, with the aim to support national and local policies and actions.

It is intended to implement 9 environmental scenarios in 10 pilots (BE, CZ, EL, FR, HU, IS, IT, PT, SI, SK), in order to offer the actual eENVplus outcomes implementation in a variety of different situations and user needs. The pilots with their scenarios will allow to better streamline the tools available to the project into the main flow of INSPIRE compliance, with evident implications on interoperability among applications, existing or planned.