European Conferences and forum to link GEO and WATER research.

ECO-GEOWATER was an initiative jointly promoted within the WATER-GIS thematic network by the Associations GISIG and TECHWARE (TECHnology for WAter REsources). It was a pool of High Level Scientific Conferences in the frame of the IHP (Improving Human Potential) programme of the Fifth Framework Programme. ECO-GEOWATER structured its events to assess and present the state-of-the-art of the scientific research in the GIS discipline as support to the analysis and solution of the problems related to the water domain sciences.

The topics of the Conferences were defined by three Working Groups dealt with three GIS application fields in the water domain: Water Resources Assessment, Water Use Management and Natural Hazards.

It creates a scientific forum for experts, scientists and young researchers, open to the users.

  • Funding: 5th FP IHP – Improving Human Potential Programme
  • Start-End year: 2001-2004