e-LEArning and inNOvation in vocational training for wateR industries

eLEANOR is an initiative dealing with vocational training for professionals of EU water industry and services in private and public sectors.

The project aims at improving the training in the water sector through the optimization and standardization of the learning processes and paths, with particular reference to the implementation of the new water-related EU Directives (Water Framework Directive and its sisters Directive).

In such a context, eLEANOR focuses on the fields that mostly reflect the needs from the Directives above:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Water supply
  • Storm water management

Training in eLEANOR is also supported by e-learning applications and transfer of Good Practices for water resources management.

  • Funding: LLP – Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project
  • Start-End year: 2010-2012