Fostering new creative paradigms based on recording and sharing “casual” videos through the internet

The aim of c-Space is to leverage the trend of Internet-based sharing of “casual” videos recorded with mobile devices, by developing a new generation of low-cost creative tools that turn the real-space surrounding us into the backdrop for new forms of creative content.

In c-Space, pictures and video streams recorded through mobile devices are sent to a central service that creates, in nearly real time, a continuously evolving 4D model (3D plus time) of the corresponding real scene. These geometric models are then used as the spatio-temporal backbone of a set of creative experience tools based on projective augmented reality and affective computing.

The result of c-Space is, therefore, an easy-to-use low-cost technology that allows affordable creation of 4D models of complex scenes from mobile devices, for the benefit of individual creators or creative industries (operating in 3D game content creation, architecture, advertisement, cultural tourism, etc.).

  • Funding: FP7 2007-2013
  • Start-End year: 2013-2016