ICT for water efficiency

@qua is a Thematic Network under the CIP-ICT PSP Programme of the European Commission. The approach is based on leveraging innovation in response to growing societal demands.

The @qua network addresses the aim at the EU level to create a shared vision on ICT for water efficiency and will provide a coherent roadmap for the consolidation of existing good practices and the development of innovative ICT solutions. The roadmap will include customization of existing ICT solutions, R&D actions to develop in order to address priorities in the water services, implementation and deployment agenda for innovative ICT solutions.


  • provides a forum to exchange and to share expertise in deploying innovative ICT solutions for water management;
  • studies feasibility of standardized ICT solutions and interoperability in the field of water management across the EU;
  • develops specifications and guidelines according to a jointly defined “level of sharing” among representatives of professional sectors.
  • Funding: ICT-PSP GRANT AGREEMENT N. 270931
  • Start-End year: 2011-2013